Painting Cost Melbourne

How Much Do Painters Charge Per Hour in Melbourne?

The cost of painting a house or commercial building in Melbourne is determined by multiple factors, including job requirements, work health and safety measures and the area that is to be painted.

Degraded walls that require plasterwork prior to painting will cost more to paint than a fresh coat of paint on a newly built home. There are also price differences depending on if the project is commercial or residential (due to the different requirements each area demands).

Residential Painting Cost

It is common for painters in Melbourne to charge from $55+GST per hour up to $75+GST per hour for residential work.

The cost of residential painting depends on numerous factors including the job size, whether interior or exterior painting is required and the surface that is being painted.

Interior painting tends to be more affordable than exterior painting. On average:

  • A single-story brick veneer home may cost between $4,000 and $8,000+GST to paint.
  • While it might take an average of between $5,500 and $20,000+GST to paint the exterior of a two-story home.

It is important to consult a professional painter when making the decision to paint your home in Melbourne. Professional painters have knowledge, expertise and high-quality products that ensure an impeccable paint finish for your property.

DIY paint jobs are time-consuming and don’t last as long as professional paint jobs do. Painters also have the knowledge of preparation and basic repairs needed to ensure a seamless paint job.

At Brush Paint Wall, we have highly experienced residential painters in Melbourne who can provide you a free, comprehensive quote for your home today.

Paint Cost Per Square Metre

It is common for professional painters in Melbourne to charge per square metre. This allows the painter to provide a more accurate price for the job.

On average:

  • Two coats of paint could cost $18+GST per square metre.
  • Three coats of paint could cost $23+GST per square metre.

Prices change depending on the quality of the paint products used and the job details discussed above.

Interior painting will often be more affordable than exterior, and any detailed work that requires labour-intensive prep will be more expensive.

It is important to do your research before deciding to work with a professional painter. You can find professional painting services in Melbourne via Google, Facebook and by asking your friends and family.

Always spend time shopping around for the painter that is right for you. Don’t be afraid to ask for multiple quotes to get the fairest price for you. However, be wary of cheap quotes! It is important that quality products are used for your project to ensure longevity and an excellent finish.

If you need help with your next paint job, give us a call today and one of our professional painters will answer all your questions.

Choosing Your Painter

So, you have decided to consult a professional painter for your project. Great! How do you know if the painter is right for the job? Here are a few things to consider:

  • Make sure the painter is licensed and insured.
  • Ask every painter for their experience. Don’t be afraid to ask for references if you are unsure.
  • Double check the quote. At Brush Paint Wall, we always provide a comprehensive, specific quote that details job specifics such as the area to be painted etc. If your quote is missing this information, it is likely that the quote isn’t accurate. Never work with a painter who provides an inaccurate quote, this screams unprofessionalism within our industry.
  • Ensure you and the painter are on the same page. Who is in charge of moving the furniture and covering it up? Is the painter in charge of cleaning up afterwards? What are the job timelines? A reputable painter should be in charge of clean-up for any mess they create completing the job.
  • Go with your gut. Your gut feeling is often right, so if you are unsure about the painter, don’t work with them.

Working with a reputable, professional painter will ensure your project looks amazing and is durable. Painters have the knowledge and industry expertise to ensure your paint will look amazing for years to come and will achieve your desired finish with little work on your part.

At Brush Paint Wall, we offer a wide range of professional painting services in Melbourne. To get your free, professional, accurate quote contact us today.